What characterises our pallets?

Service life

Our pallets distinguish themselves from wooden pallets due to a long service life and therefore need seldom be replaced.

Sustainable and Recyclable

Our pallets can be added to the recycling process again


Our different types of pallets bear an extremely high loading capacity, depending on the intended use and requirements we will find the right pallet for every field of application.


Our pallets are easy to clean and disinfect. They are particularly usable for industries where hygiene standards are important and have to be maintained.


Our pallets do not absorb moisture and therefore maintain a constant weight.


Our pallets are largely resistant to acids and bases.


Our pallets are resistant to pests (e. g. Sirex wasp) therefore there is no need for expensive gassing and additional paperwork.

Suitable for food contact

Our pallets are suitable for food contact since the stored goods are usually protected by packagings.

Violation and Damage

Our pallets do not have protruding nails or splinters.


The skids or pallet feet of our pallets can be changed easily when damaged.

Special versions

Upon request our pallets can be supplied in nearly all colours and with embossing or inscription.


Our pallets can be shrink wrapped easily due to the continuous round edges.

Protection of the goods

Our pallets protect your goods additionally from the bottom due to the closed deckboard.