Raw materials

We process used canisters as well as shrink-wrap films which are lightly soiled or rejected materials from industrial production processes. The basis of our products is sorted plastics such as HDPE and LDPE which will be processed and manufactured to pallets.


At first the canisters will be shredded. The materials will be crushed mechanically. The resulting small pieces will be further transported for grinding by a conveyor belt. The shrink-wrap film will be crushed through agglomeration.


The grinding process further crushes the plastic pieces, thus resulting in finer grinding material.

Mixing and Dosing

The secondary materials will be mixed and dosed with our mix and measure system according to our special formula.


In extrusion the plastic pieces are being heated at 200 to 220 degrees. We supply our 7 presses with the melted materials where the tools for the pallets can be found.


With a press force of 800 tons, the melted materials will be pressed into the tool moulds to form the pallets.


In an additional working step the skids will be attached to the pallets.

Quality control

Each pallet will be examined after production.


Finally, the pallet will be conversed; and wrapped and prepared for delivery.