Save the environment with us!

What is Recycling?

Recycling is the processing and reutilisation of plastic waste. Therefore, a closed cycle is created where raw materials are not being wasted but
reutilised and thus, nature and environment can be protected.

Why Recycling?

The basic idea of our recycling concept is that in the long term it is ecologically and economically not sustainable to deposit or burn empty polyethylene
packagings. Our goal is to create sensible products in an economical way. We produce high-quality products from these secondary raw materials with
sophisticated plants.


Polyethylene is said to be economically friendly. During production no heavy-metal compounds arise and also no hazardous gases evaporate. Polyethylene is physiologically harmless and has practically no scent or taste.


Our pallets which are made from polyethylene can by recycled again and again. Since the polyethylene has nearly no abrasion our plastic pallets impress with a long service life.

Synergy effect

The plant Recyclen, belonging to the Plastikpack GmbH, was created in 1986 with the goal to use resources efficiently. Our pallets are made from recycled polyethylene. The plant Recyclen completes the Plastikpack GmbH ideally.

Environment protection

The recycling of polyethylene is the best choice to keep packaging waste in a closed system and therefore to safe natural resources.